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Early Single Handed Verge in Pique Case

Price : £19,500.00
Circa 1680
Diameter   54 mm         

A 17th Century English single handed verge in silver pique pair cases bearing the cipher of Charles II.  Deep full plate fire gilt movement with tulip pillars.  Early going train without centre wheel, fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates.  Pierced and engraved cock with small vestigial wings, large pierced and engraved foot.  Plain steel balance, silver regulator disc.  Silver champleve dial fixed directly to the plate, Roman numerals, fine blue steel tulip hand with tail.  Plain silver inner case, maker's mark "WF".  Silver pique work decorates the shagreen covered outer case, silver bezels, square five joint hinge.  In the centre the conjoined "C" cipher of Charles II with crown above.

Signed       Jaques Cartier

In excellent overall condition.  A historically interesting watch with royal connection to Charles II (1630 - 1685).  The cipher is similar to that seen on coins of the period and on a silver covered table in the Queen's collection (RCIN 35299) dated 1670.  Jaques Cartier, London,1635 - 1680.  Casemaker William Finch whose mark appears on the 1682 plate.  The movement of early balance spring design bears two unusual features.  The screws securing the top plate are marked for position, one with a single slot, the second with an extra slot on one side only and the third with a cross.  Virtually every component is marked with six punched dots, even the escape wheel.  In common with most watches of the period it is not numbered and the dots could have substituted or perhaps helped if more than one movement was made at the same time.