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Night Watchmans Tell-tale Clock

Price : £225.00 £150.00
Circa 1940
Diameter   85 mm       Depth   50 mm

A substantial mid 20th Century brass night watchman's clock by Dent.  Keywind movement with central going barrel.  Platform escapement with plain cock with regulator, plain three arm balance with spiral hairspring.   English table roller lever escapement.  Circular paper record with green Arabic numerals, carbon beneath.  Substantial drum shaped case with folding carrying handle.  Rectangular slot and glazed window in the signed and numbered lockable top cover.

Signed       Dent   41 Pall Mall    London    

The purpose of these clocks is to record that a night watchman carried out his rounds at the required intervals (rather than sleeping!). Keys with different symbols would be chained at various points on the round.  The night watchman would use these to punch a tell tale mark on the recording disc showing the time he visited each station.  The clock would be unlocked each day to be wound and have the disc changed ready for the next night.