Product Detail

Gunmetal Erotic Automaton Pocket Watch with Unusual Dial

Price : £2,100.00
Circa 1915
Diameter   52 mm         

An early 20th Century Swiss cylinder with revolving erotic disc and unusual dial in a gunmetal open face case.  Keyless nickelled bar movement with going barrel.  Plain cock with polished steel regulator.  Plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Unusual enamel dial, the numerals replaced by representations of the club suit of playing cards from Ace to Queen, pierced gilt hands.  Blue steel open face case with gilt bezel, winding crown and bow.  On the reverse of the watch is a small glazed aperture through which can be seen a rotating disc bearing photographically reproduced nudes.  The disc is mounted to the seconds arbor and so rotates counter clockwise once a minute revealing the four nude pictures in turn.

Anonymous       Swiss