Product Detail

Gold and Enamel Repeater with Matching Chatelaine

Price : £10,950.00
Hallmarked London 1766
Diameter   51 mm       Depth   15 mm

A fine mid 18th Century English quarter repeating verge in gold and enamel pair cases with matching chatelaine. Full plate fire gilt movement with signed and numbered gilt dust cover.  Pierced and engraved cock with unusual profile mask at the base of the table, diamond endstone in a blue steel setting.  Engraved plate for the silver regulator disc.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates.  Plain three arm gilt balance, blue steel spiral hairspring.  White enamel dial with Arabic numerals, gold beetle and poker hands.  Push pendant quarter repeating with two polished hammers striking blocks in the case.  Substantial 22 carat gold pair cases, plain inner with gold push pendant and bow, steel pulse piece.  Engraved dedication "The Gift of Sam Weeley Esq to Kitty March".  Gold and enamel outer case decorated in restored translucent dark blue enamel, Greek key pattern around the bezel and edge of the back.  In the centre an elaborate large "R" below the crown of an Earl, pin in the bezel for the pulse piece.  Both cases bearing the maker's mark "DA". 

Matching chatelaine, faced with gold and enamel Greek key decoration affixed to the gilt metal buckle and cartouche supporting the watch.  Seven chains hang from the buckle, each comprising links with blue enamel Greek key decoration.  The three central chains attached to the cartouche for the watch which is faced with gold and blue enamel foliate decoration.  The other four chains each with an accessory.  A key and a small plain seal each set with cornelians, a further seal set with a black agate and an amethyst spinner.  The chains and the cartouche all terminating with  hinged clips secured by threaded collars.  The buckle, cartouche and links of Greek key decoration all with maker's mark "WB" in an oval. 

Signed       Jas Vigne London

In excellent condition.  The initial "R" below the heraldic crown of an Earl may indicate the watch was made for the Earl of Radnor.   The earldom was created for a second time in 1765 (The year before this watch was made) when William Bouverie, 2nd Viscount Folkestone, was made Earl of Radnor. The chatelaine though perfectly matched both in period and style has recently been found and now accompanies the watch.  James Vigne, 1770, free of the Clockmakers Company 1781 - 1790.   Daniel Aveline, 1709 - 1772, recorded as a watch case maker in Denmark Street, St Giles in the Fields, freeman of the Clockmakers Company in the 1768.  His mark is often found on fine gold cases, many of them decorative, containing movements by the best English watchmakers of the period.  His will is held at the National Archives in Kew