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Silver Mock Pendulum Sun & Moon Verge

Price : £9,500.00
Circa 1700
Diameter   57 mm       Depth   19 mm

A fine late 17th Century English mock pendulum verge with Sun and Moon champleve dial in silver pair cases.  Deep full plate fire gilt movement with tulip pillars.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates.  Mock pendulum cock with decoratively pierced and engraved table, open semi circular section to reveal the oscillating bob on one arm of the steel balance. Pierced and engraved foot and plate for the regulator square.  Signed silver champleve dial, Arabic numerals for the minutes, blue steel poker hand. The hours are indicated by a blue steel disc which rotates once every 24 hours.  This is viewed through a semi-circular aperture and has engraved on one half the gilt sun and on the other the moon.  At the edge of the semi-circle the hours are marked from six through twelve and back to six in Roman numerals.  As the sun disappears at the right of the aperture the moon appears at the left.  Plain silver  inner case, silver pendant and ring bow,  maker's mark "Bl".  Plain silver outer case.

Signed       Luke Bird London

A fine watch in excellent condition.  Luke Bird, (Old Bailey) apprenticed 1695, free of the Clockmakers Company 1683 - 1705.  The casemaker is probably the Britannia mark for Richard Blundell