Product Detail

Gold Quarter Repeating Lever Pocket Watch

Price : £9,950.00
Circa 1828
Diameter   48 mm         

An early 19th Century French quarter repeating lever in a gold open face case.  Keywind gilt bar movement with suspended going barrel. Plain cock with  blue steel regulator with gold pointer visible through an aperture in the cuvette.  Plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring, temperature compensation curb.  Unusual form of double roller  lever escapement.  Pendant quarter repeating on two polished steel gongs.  Engine turned silver dial, secret signature either side of the numeral twelve, offset subsidiary seconds, Roman numerals, gilt Breguet hands.   Engine turned gold open face case with engine turned middle and bezels.  Gold repeating push in the band at two o'clock which is pulled out and twisted a quarter of a turn before use.  Signed and numbered gold cuvette secured by a single screw (lacking), apertures for winding, set and regulator index.

Signed       Breguet

We believe this number does not correspond to the details of the watch held in the archives.  It does however bear unique features of watches produced by the firm.  See The Art of Breguet by George Daniels, page 312 for an illustration of the escapement and page 253 for a watch of similar design