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Massey Type I Silver Pair Case Pocket Watch By Massey

Price : £925.00
Hallmarked Birmingham 1821
Diameter   57 mm       Depth   14 mm

An early 19th Century English Massey I lever in silver pair cases.  Full plate gilt keywind fusee movement with plain gilt dust cover.  Harrison's maintaining power.  Engraved cock with diamond endstone, stamped on the underside of the foot "EM - P - 2672".   Blue steel Bosley regulator, plain three arm steel balance with blue steel spiral hairspring. Massey type one lever escapement, thirty tooth escape wheel.  Early form of banking with the pins formed together and screwed on the top plate.  Off white enamel dial, Roman numerals, gold hands.  Matching plain silver pair cases, silver oval pendant and bow, maker's mark "WB" in an oval.

Signed       S J Whitwell

In excellent overall condition.  Edward Massey of Coventry and London developed the crank roller escapement which has five variations.  He retailed few watches under his own name but made them for other makers.  The underside of the cock not only bears his initials and serial number but also the stamp of the ebauche supplier, "TB" in a rectangle. This is repeated on the dust cover.  S J Whitwell has not marked the movement with a number or town