Product Detail

Enamelled Singing Bird Box and Watch

Price : £8,250.00
Circa 1920
Dimensions   105 x 75 x 50 mm         

A 20th Century Swiss enamelled singing bird box with silvered mounts and fitted oval watch.  Small lever watch movement mounted in the front of the box. Wound and set by a crown under the box, silvered oval dial with gilt centre, blue steel hands.  Singing bird mechanism with going barrel wound by key below the box.  Small bellows mechanism providing air to a variable whistle operated by a system of cams and levers.  The rod at the side of the box is pulled to start the bird singing.  The oval lid rises and a bird appears, turning from side to side, flapping its wings and moving its beak.  When the song is finished the bird falls backwards and the lid closes.  Rectangular box standing on four small ball feet.  The faces of  translucent red enamel over an engine turned ground framed by engraved silvered mounts.   The repousse scene on the oval door is of a couple embracing on a bench surrounded by birds.