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Silver Deck Watch by Ulysse Nardin

Price : £3,200.00
Circa 1940
Diameter   56 mm         

A mid 20th Century Swiss centre seconds lever deck watch by Ulysse Nardin in an unusual octagonal mahogany desk stand.  Keyless gilt bar movement with going barrel, the centre seconds transfer wheel above.  Plain cock with polished steel micrometer regulator. Club foot lever escapement, escape pivots with endstones.  Heavy compensation balance with blue steel overcoil hairspring. Signed and numbered white enamel dial marked "CW" and with the Ministry of Defence broad arrow mark.  Centre seconds, Roman numerals, blue steel hands.  Silver open face case, glassless bezel, the  screw back engraved with the Ministry arrow and "H.S.^2", Nardin's makers mark. Unusual purpose made octagonal mahogany desk stand housing the brass keep case with glazed screw bezel.  The winding crown is accessed by sliding three sides out from the the remaining five.

Signed       Ulysse Nardin Locle Suisse

A handsome way of using a deck watch echoing the cases of 18th Century Arnold chronometers