Product Detail

Gold and Enamel Pendant Watch

Price : £2,600.00
Circa 1880
Diameter   38 mm         

A late 19th Century Swiss cylinder in a stone set gold and enamel full hunter case.  Keyless gilt bar movement with going barrel, frosted steel wolfs teeth winding work. Plain cock with polished steel regulator, plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring. Polished steel cylinder, steel escape wheel. Signed white enamel dial with Roman numerals, blue steel hands.  Gold full hunter case with engraved middle and trefoil bow.  The front lid covered in black enamel with a border of small split pearls and garnets. Within this a band of floral decoration set with diamonds and a raised dome in the centre also set with diamonds.  The back cover similarly decorated but the centre flat and decorated with garnets and diamonds.  Plain gold cuvette.

Signed       A Tilliere a Cluses