Product Detail

Gold and Enamel Quarter Repeater and Chatelaine

Price : £19,500.00
Circa 1750
Diameter   41 mm       Depth   11 mm

A mid 18th Century French quarter repeating verge in a gold and enamel consular case with matching chatelaine.  Full plate gilt fusee movement.  Finely pierced and engraved bridge cock with steel coqueret, plain three arm steel balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Silver regulator dial with blue steel indicator.  Push pendant quarter repeating on a bell in the case.  Winding through the signed white enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, pierced gold hands.  Gold and enamel consular case, applied two colour gold decoration to the engraved bezels.  Narrow band in the back finely pierced to allow the bell to sound clearly.  The back with a finely painted polychrome enamel oval of a lady holding a small dog.  Matching gold chatelaine, the buckle  with another slightly larger oval polychrome enamel of another lady.  Hung from the buckle two short gold and enamel chains terminating in hinged clips secured by threaded collars.  Two further cartouches with small polychrome enamel portraits, the watch suspended from a hinged clip secured by threaded collar.

Signed       Faleony a Paris