Product Detail

Gold Freestanding Repousse Quarter Repeater

Price : £7,250.00
Circa 1760
Diameter   47 mm       Depth   13 mm

A mid 18th Century quarter repeating verge in gold freestanding repousse pair cases and glazed outer.  Full plate fire gilt movement with signed and numbered dust cover.  Pierced and engraved cock, diamond endstone in a blue steel setting, pierced and engraved plate for the silver regulator disc.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates.  Plain three arm gilt balance, blue steel spiral hairspring. Push pendant quarter on a bell in the case.  Signed white enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, decorative gilt hands.  Fine gold pair cases fitted in a contemporary third protective outer with glazed back, shagreen covered gilt metal bezels decorated with gilt pique pins.  Inner case pierced and engraved around the edge in a foliate pattern, number of the watch engraved in a cartouche below the gold push pendant and bow.  Rare freestanding repousse outer case pierces and engraved around the edge.  Chased and engraved scene in deep relief of a soldier and his companions meeting with a classically dressed woman, an Ox behind her.  

Signed       Perigal London

The rare repousse outer in unusually pristine condition, the fine details show almost no sign of wear.  The freestanding technique allows a greater depth by piercing part of the scene and adding a second piece of chased and engraved gold behind it