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Repousse Pair Case by Ellicott

Price : £2,250.00
Circa 1765
Diameter   48 mm       Depth   15.5 mm

An 18th Century English verge by Ellicott in an Unusual repousse pair case.  Full plate fire gilt movement with gilt dust cover pierced to reveal the regulator and table of the cock.  Decorative pierced pillars.  Pierced and engraved masked cock, large diamond endstone.  Pierced and engraved foot and plate for the silver regulator disc.  Plain three arm steel balance, blue steel spiral hairspring.  white enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, blue steel beetle and poker hands.  Plain silver inner case, the hallmarks indistinct, chased and engraved bow.  Repousse outer case of unusually heavy gauge and high relief.  The finely chased and engraved scene of a hunter holding a fox above his head, horse in the background and hounds baying at his feet.  Rococo border, a foxes head at the base.

Signed       Ellicott London 6755

John Ellicott was one of England's most eminent watchmakers in the 18th Century