Product Detail

Single Handed Oignon with Cartouche Dial

Price : £6,500.00
Circa 1695
Diameter   58 mm       Depth   23 mm

A late 17th Century French verge oignon with gilt and enamel cartouche dial in a gilt consular case.   Deep full plate fire gilt fusee movement, slender Egyptian pillars.  Gilt pierced and engraved bridge cock with steel coqueret, three arm steel balance with spiral blue steel hairspring.  Small silver regulator index operating a visible blue steel rack.  Engraved gilt dial set with white enamel cartouches of black bordered blue Roman numerals, enamelled ring marked for the hours and quarters.  Wound through the centre of the single blue steel hand.  Deep gilt metal consular case, rubbed back decoratively chased and engraved, gilt pendant and ring bow.

Signed       Pierre Tollot