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Gold and Enamel Quarter Repeating Pocket Watch

Price : £4,750.00 £4,250.00
Circa 1790
Diameter   40 mm         

A late 18th Century French quarter repeating verge in a gold and enamel consular case.  Full plate gilt fusee movement.  Finely pierced and engraved bridge cock with steel coqueret, plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Silver regulator dial with blue steel indicator.  Push pendant quarter repeating on a bell in the back of the case.  Winding through the  white enamel dial with Roman numerals, gilt hands.  Gold consular case, the front bezel set with a row of stones.  Both bezels with applied gold rope decoration.  Unusual enamel on the back, rings of red and blue enamel around the en grissaille scene of a couple and cherub in a garden under a dark blue night sky and gilt stars.  

Signed       Chs LeRoy � a Paris