Product Detail

English Repeater by Thomas Tompion

Price : £7,750.00
Circa 1698
Diameter   52 mm       Depth   18.5mm

Condition : Excellent, working but would benefit from cleaning.

A late 17th Century quarter repeating verge by Thomas Tompion in later gilt metal cases.  Deep full plate fire gilt movement with three Egyptian pillars, one gilt turned baluster pillar and a slender blue steel turned baluster pillar.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates. Pierced and engraved cock, broad pierced and engraved foot.  Plain steel balance, silver regulator disc.  Push pendant quarter repeating on a bell in the back of the case.  Later white enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, pierced gilt hands.  Later gilt metal pair cases, the inner pierce and engraved in a band.  Gilt push pendant for the repeat.  Plain gilt metal outer.

Signed       Tho Tompion London 160

A rare chance to purchase an early example of a Tompion repeater.  He employed an unusual form of repeating work where the teeth of the rack is hinged and moved vertically when the pendant is depressed.  It requires care in its execution and does not appear to have been copied by other makers