Pocket watches among shipwreck treasures recently on sale at auction

Pocket watches and coins recovered from a number of the world’s most tragic shipwrecks recently graced a Dorset sale room to shine once again.

A painting of the Lustiania, the great Cunard passenger

Collections of gold and silver from England Spain and the Netherlands covering 400 years of maritime disasters, including a survivor from one of the Dorset’s most infamous wrecks.


The coins, antique pocket watches, a shoe buckle, along with a cannon ball and a silver button are all from one man’s collection after he became captivated by the survivors from a young age. There was even a piece of timber from Henry VIII’s flagship the Mary Rose at the auction room!


Additionally, there were another two pocket watches who were part of a sad tale of the sea to appear at the auction room. They were aboard the Lustiania, the great Cunard passenger ship which was torpedoes by a German U boat off the coast of Ireland in 1915.


We’ll be eagerly awaiting the final sales of all the items once they are established.


Image: Bundesarchiv under Creative Commons.