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A 17th Century English single handed verge in silver pique pair cases bearing the cipher of Charles II.
Circa 1680
A late 17th Century verge with silver champleve Sun and Moon dial in silver pair cases.
Circa 1695
A rare early 18th Century English quarter repeating verge with automated champleve dial.
Circa 1710
An unusual glazed display with burr walnut veneered frame of numeral cartouches from early 18th Century watches and clocks. Approximately 70 pieces in total.
£950.00 £850.00
Circa 1720
A fine large Chinese market.
Circa 1770
A late 18th Century English verge in gilt and underpainted horn pair cases.
Circa 1790
An early 19th Century Swiss verge in an unusual pearl set gold and enamel form watch.
Circa 1810
An early 19th Century Swiss three colour gold open face watch set with rubies.
Circa 1820
An early 19th Century Swiss cylinder in an exceptional and rare pearl encrusted gold open face case.
Circa 1825
A late 19th Century Swiss minute repeating lever automaton in a large gold full hunter case.
Circa 1890
A late 19th Century Swiss Pallweber patent lever by IWC with digital dial in a silver open face case.
Circa 1890
A fine late 19th Century English minute repeating chronograph with calendar in a gold and enamel full hunter case.
Hallmarked London 1896