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A late 17th Century verge with silver champleve Sun and Moon dial in silver pair cases.
£10,500.00 £9,500.00
Circa 1695
An unusual glazed display with burr walnut veneered frame of numeral cartouches from early 18th Century watches and clocks. Approximately 70 pieces in total.
£950.00 £850.00
Circa 1720
A late 18th Century French verge in a stone set three colour gold consular case.
£2,800.00 £2,500.00
Circa 1780
A very rare late 18th Century French double wheel debaufre escapement with pirouette in a silver gilt open face case.
£19,000.00 £17,000.00
Circa 1790
An early 19th Century English verge in an Unusual memento mori skull form case.
£4,750.00 £4,200.00
Circa 1820
A very rare mid 19th Century tic-tac escapement alarm in a nickle drum case.
£1,250.00 £950.00
Circa 1850
A late 19th Century Swiss quarter repeating silver travelling clock.
£1,250.00 £950.00
Circa 1900
An early 20th Century Swiss lever in a nickle open face case.
£500.00 £450.00
Circa 1910
An unusual 20th Century Swiss eight day striking desk clock with automated figures.
£3,200.00 £2,500.00
Circa 1920
A 20th Century American cigarette lighter and watch combination.
£520.00 £475.00
Circa 1920
A small early 20th Century Swiss 8 day lever with visible escapement in a silver full hunter case.
£550.00 £400.00
Circa 1920
An early 20th Century Swiss lever in an open face case containing a polychrome enamel nude.
£4,750.00 £3,900.00
Circa 1920
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