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A fine late 19th  Century Swiss cylinder ball watch and matching chain.
Circa 1890
A late 19th Century German lever in a gold engine turned half hunter case.
Circa 1890
A fine late 19th Century Swiss lever ball watch set with diamonds and pearls.
Circa 1890
A quarter repeating lever chronograph with moonphase calendar fitted in a stainless steel wristwatch.
Circa 1890
A fine late 19th Century English minute repeating chronograph with calendar in a gold and enamel full hunter case.
Hallmarked London 1896
An unusual late 19th Century German watch holder and night light in the form of a gas lamp post.
Circa 1900
A late 19th Century Swiss lever watch of 8 days duration in a silver open face case.
Circa 1900
An early 20th Century German lever by Lange in a nickel full hunter case.
Circa 1905
An early 20th Century Swiss lever in a silver half hunter case.
Circa 1910
An early 20th Century Swiss lever in a patent silver Borgel wristwatch case.
Hallmarked London [import] 1916
A small early 20th Century Swiss 8 day lever with visible escapement in a silver full hunter case.
Circa 1920
A 20th Century Swiss lever in a gold half hunter case with the original bill of sale.
Hallmarked Chester 1922
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