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An early 20th Century Swiss minute recording lever chronograph in a silver open face case.
Hallmarked London [import] 1910
An early 20th Century Swiss cylinder with Hebrew dial in an open face case.
Circa 1910
An early 20th Century English centre seconds lever in a gold half hunter case.
Hallmarked London 1914
A fine early 20th Century freesprung centre seconds English lever deck watch and box.
Hallmarked London 1917
A small early 20th Century Swiss 8 day lever with visible escapement in a silver full hunter case.
Circa 1920
A 20th Century Swiss centre seconds lever fitted in a nickle open face case.
Circa 1920
A substantial mid 20th Century brass night watchman's clock by Dent.
Circa 1940
Very unusual early  Swiss karrusel wristwatch 
Circa 2001