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A large quarter striking English verge clockwatch made for the Turkish market in quadruple silver and horn cases.
Hallmarked London 1783
A late 18th Century Swiss verge in gold and enamel pair cases.
Circa 1790
A late 18th Century Swiss verge in a paste set enamelled gilt metal consular case.
Circa 1790
A late 18th Century Irish verge in silver pair cases.
Hallmarked Dublin 1794
A late 18th Century pearl set gold and enamel watch.
Circa 1800
An early 19th century gold and enamel watch set with a row of pearls.
Circa 1820
An early 19th Century French quarter repeating verge automaton in gold open face case.
Circa 1820
A 19th Century English quarter repeating duplex influenced by Breguet in a gold open face case.
Hallmarked London 1829
A 19th Century Swiss lever in a decorative three colour gold open face case set with turquoise.
Circa 1830
An early 19th Century Swiss quarter repeating cylinder in a rare pearl encrusted gold open face case.
Circa 1840
A mid 19th Century Swiss keyless quarter repeating lever by Patek Philippe in a gold full hunter case.
Circa 1853
A large late 19th Century lever in a rare reversible cabriolet gold hunter pair case.
Circa 1870