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A large late 18th Century English calendar verge in silver pair cases.
Hallmarked London 1782
A late 18th Century English cylinder in gilt metal pair cases bearing a dedication from the maker.
Circa 1786
A late 18th Century Swiss quarter repeating verge in a decorative three colour gold consular case.
Circa 1790
A late 18th Century French quarter repeating verge in an unusual glazed consular case.
Circa 1790
A late 18th Century English verge with regulator dial  in silver pair cases containing a watchpaper giving the provenance within one family.
Hallmarked London 1799
An early 19th Century gold and enamel watch set with split pearls.
Circa 1810
A mid 19th Century French cylinder in a slim decorative gold open face case.
Circa 1860
A 19th  Century English minute repeating lever in a gold half hunter case.
Circa 1876
A 19th Century English freesprung lever in a substantial full hunter case.
Hallmarked Birmingham 1876
A late 19th Century 18 carat gold watch albert with central "T" bar and attached monogrammed circular fob.
Circa 1880
A late 19th Century Swiss lever by IWC in a 14 carat rose gold full hunter case.
Circa 1890
A late 19th Century English verge with silver dial in a silver engine turned case.
Hallmarked Birmingham 1897