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Unusual Gilt Metal Brooch
Circa 1810
An unusual early 19th Century continental pottery perfume bottle.
Circa 1820
Six 19th Century watch keys and an 18th Century gilt metal crank key
Circa 1820
A 19th Century folding ivory watch stand.
Circa 1840
A rare mid 19th Century gold folding watch key with concealed locket.
Circa 1850
A mid 19th Century continental gilt metal chatelaine.
Circa 1850
A mid 19th Century English rosewood and ivory watch stand.
Circa 1850
A 19th Century Rosewood box watch stand.
Circa 1860
A late 19th Century 9 carat gold long guard chain joined in a loop with a split ring and spring clip.
Circa 1870
A late 19th Century Swiss buttonhole lapel watch in a gilt metal case.
Circa 1870
A late 19th Century delicate ladies silver albert.
Circa 1880
A late 19th Century 18 carat gold watch albert with central "T" bar and attached monogrammed circular fob.
Circa 1880