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A late 19th Century 9 carat gold long guard rope chain of 1.5 metres.
Circa 1880
Late 19th Century toy or decoration in the form of a watch
Circa 1890
A long fine late 19th Century 9 carat gold curb link watch Albert with central "T" bar.
Circa 1890
An unusual late 19th Century German watch holder and night light in the form of a gas lamp post.
Circa 1900
A large late 19th Century English aneroid gilt pocket barometer.
Circa 1900
An unusual early 20th Century silvered pocket watch stand.
Circa 1910
An early 20th Century Swiss lever in an open face case containing a polychrome enamel nude.
Circa 1920
An early 20th Century fine gold dress watch chain comprised of alternating links of yellow gold and  white gold.
Circa 1930
A 20th Century 9 carat rose gold graduated curb link watch albert with sliding "T" bar.
Circa 1940
A simple glass display dome with solid glass knob and hook to hang a watch.
An early 20th  Century silver fine curb link watch albert with central "T" bar.
Hallmarked Birmingham   nbsp;1905