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Top 5 most significant pocket watches of all time

Throughout many decades watch aficionadoshave been fascinated by the wonder of the mechanical watch- the movement that’s kept the trains running on time and helped the life—saving nurse keep time during her ward shift. Although not as frequently seen as these days as in the past, the pocket watch is making a resurgence so we thought it would be interesting to take a look into some of the most remarkable pocket watches from this century and beyond— including one of the most complex mechanical devices that have ever been made.

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Breguet watches worn by famous people from history set for exhibition

The history of the watchmaker’s art is always a very exciting area. Admirers and buyers of antique pocket watches for sale will know this more than anyone else. And in order to help showcase this skill and talent for the much loved world of vintage timepieces there needs to be exhibitions like the one set to take place in Moscow this year.

Breguet Antique Pocket Watch | Vintage Pocket Watches for Sale | Pieces of Time

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Watch writer asks “are Rolex resting on their laurels?”

For those of us who work in the world of antique marine watches, pocket watches and antique wrist watches, the new releases of updated watch fashion is not of the utmost importance, although we like to keep an eye on things. This brings us to an interesting article from an esteemed source emerged recently. Luke Rottman, Founder and Executive Editor of the Daily Wristwatch Publication,The Watch Adviserinterestingly questioned whether Rolex, were satisfied with their achievements in the world of fine timepieces. And should Rolex be seen to be making a visible effort to produce anything different from their standard movements?

A Rolex sign outside a shop that sells these vintage watches like the antique wrist watches at Pieces of Time.

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Beautiful intricacy on display with rare gold and enamel ring watch

Here at Pieces of Time we have a wonderful range of antique watcheswhich we are always keen to build upon. and this is why we are excited to be able to offer this new item to one lucky potential buyer. Not only is this piece very unusual, it is also a rare antique to come by too- something that adds to its already heightened appeal among collectors.

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