Gold and Silver

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A small mid 17th Century German pre balance spring verge in a gold and enamel case.
Circa 1650
A late 17th Century verge with silver champleve Sun and Moon dial in silver pair cases.
Circa 1695
An early 18th Century English verge with unusual pillars in silver repousse pair cases set with a polychrome enamel plaque.
Circa 1720
A mid 18th Century English verge in very fine gold repousse pair cases by Moser.
Hallmarked London 1744
A mid 18th Century continental quarter repeating verge in gold repousse pair cases.
Circa 1750
A mid 18th Century English quarter repeating verge in fine gold repousse case by Moser.
Circa 1760
A mid 18th Century French verge in a rare steel case with three colour gold decoration and matching chatelaine.
Circa 1760
A fine large Chinese market.
Circa 1770
An 18th Century French verge in an unusual gold mounted glass consular case.
Circa 1770
An 18th Century Swiss verge in two colour gold and enamel pair cases.
Circa 1770
A late 18th Century verge with polychrome enamel dial in silver repousse pair cases.
Hallmarked London 1779
An 18th Century French quarter repeating verge in an enamel set two colour gold consular case.
Circa 1780
Gold and silver watches are the ideal addition to a lady or gentlemanís existing collection or can a brand new acquisition to someone looking for a reliant time piece made from the most exclusive materials for a lover of such things that offer such divine class and elegance.

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