Antique Clocks and Barometers

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An unusual glazed display with burr walnut veneered frame of numeral cartouches from early 18th Century watches and clocks. Approximately 70 pieces in total.
Circa 1720
An unusual gem set silver gilt desk clock in the form of a carriage being drawn by butterflies.
Circa 1820
A very large late 19th Century Swiss lever watch of 8 days duration in a silver open face case and travelling case.
Hallmarked Birmingham 1888
A late 19th Century Swiss cylinder clock with a view of Lake Geneva on the dial
Circa 1890
An unusual late 19th Century heart shaped desk clock
£1,400.00 £1,200.00
Hallmarked Birmingham 1890
An unusual early 20th Century Desk set comprising a large Swiss lever watch, matching barometer in a silver faced stand with a thermometer.
Hallmarked Birmingham 1902
An early 20th Century desk set comprising a goliath watch and matching barometer fitted in a stand with thermometer.
Hallmarked Birmingham 1902
An impressive early 20th Century cut glass inkwell with a silver top housing a verge watch.
Hallmarked Birmingham 1906
A 20th Century Swiss lever in a silver engine turned strut clock.
Hallmarked Birmingham 1929
A mid 20th Century Swiss centre seconds lever deck watch by Ulysse Nardin in an unusual octagonal mahogany desk stand.
Circa 1940
A substantial mid 20th Century brass night watchman's clock by Dent.
£225.00 £150.00
Circa 1940
Pieces of Time offer antique desk clocks and antique barometers in our stock that is chosen exclusively for its originality, the quality of design, colour and of course authenticity.

We have a full range of desk clocks and barometers from a variety of makers in our stock collection for you to choose from. If there is anything you are looking for in particular please contact us as we are more than happy to help.