Antique Fob Watches

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Mid 17th Century English verge clockwatch in gilt metal pair cases. 
Circa 1660
A rare late 17th Century English verge in fine silver and tortoiseshell pair cases.
Circa 1695
An early 18th Century French quarter repeating verge in a silver consular case.
Circa 1710
An early 18th Century English verge with unusual pillars in silver repousse pair cases set with a polychrome enamel plaque.
Circa 1720
A fine and rare 18th Century English verge with automated scene in a gold consular case.
Circa 1730
A rare mid 18th Century French verge in a chased steel and gilt consular case.
Circa 1760
An 18th Century English verge with subsidiary seconds in gilt metal pair cases.
Circa 1770
An 18th Century French verge in an unusual gold mounted glass consular case.
Circa 1770
A rare late 18th Century miniature cylinder cylinder watch and diamond set gold ring housing.
Circa 1780
A small French verge in a gold and enamel consular case with rare ballooning scene.
Circa 1790
A late 19th Century English verge in a gold and enamel consular case.
Circa 1790
A late 18th Century English verge in silver pair cases.
Hallmarked London 1791
We have a range of Antique fob watches for sale that are brimming with style and character- the type of watch you can rely on.

A Fob watch was predominantly worn by the medical profession. Pieces of Time have Fob watches in a range of brands made from materials such as gold, silver, pearl and enamel.

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