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Enrich your style by wearing a watch

We can thank the surge in popularity of the mobile phone and the tablet for the fact that watches being worn by individuals has somewhat decreased for people under the age of 50. We can argue that the smartwatch is striving to counteract that notion though. You invariably see someone wearing an inexpensive digital watch, but for the most part, men’s wrists are naked today.

A man wearing a suit who buys antique pocket watches for sale from Pieces of Time

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Some of the highlights from Patek Philippe’s new grand exhibition not to be missed

The newPatek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition, which we wrote about here, has a host of regal “salons” that Patek Philippe have taken the time to have installed within theSaatchi Galleryearlier this week. So what’s been the standout areas for many watch lovers who have had the good fortune to view this amazing exhibit for themselves?

A Patek Philippe logo. Makers of antique watches for sale like this in Pieces of Time, London.

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Watches are retro chic, are they?

Whether you knew it, or not, wearing watches are considered to be an act of appreciating all that is retro chic. You can be wearing hunter watches as a serious statement, or, simply, because you love them, but come pocket or wrist, you’re now wearing something that falls into a genre of fashion. We can explain in a little more detail if you’re wondering what this is all about.

A Cartier Vintage Wrist Watch Similar to the antique wrist watches you can buy from Pieces of Time

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