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It’s full steam ahead for the autumn Steam Gala upon its return to the Locomotion Railway Museum in Shildon

If there’s one thing that goes with pocket watches and particularly antique fob watches, it’s trains. So if you’re keen to show off your best timepieces then look no further than Locomotion in County Durham.

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Part 2: For the love of Patek: A series dedicated to why we love Patek Philippe watches

We are back for part two in our series dedicated to why we love Patek Philippe watches.

In the first episode we covered ‘The class in lack of abundance’, which you can find by clicking the link here. Moving on from the first episode we will be discussing the value of investment once you’re the proud owner of a Patek Philippe watch, whether that be one or more of the vintage wrist watches, or antique pocket watches.

Tiffany’s Patek Philippe Antique Watch Collection Vintage Pocket Watches Pieces of Time

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