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Why you should invest in antique watches over smartwatches

Smartwatches seem to be the latest craze in the watch world, but like any new technology, they will become outdated when the next model is released. Instead it is wiser to invest your money in antique watches, that keep and increase their value over time if they are maintained well.

antique watch on man’s wrist.

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How does KISS drummer keep his beat?

What makes Eric Singer, drummer for the quirky and world renowned band KISS, good at what he does? Measuring beats. In order for a song to be spectacular it is essential to have a drummer who has mastered this technique. For Eric Singer, he sees an elemental bond between his passion and watches. That is why he loves to collect wrist watches – from antique wrist watches to high tech – as he travels the world. He loves the idea of having time easily accessible to him as he drums, saying: “What I do for a living is I keep time playing music, and a watch keeps time on my wrist.”

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Three types of watch every stylish gent should have in their collection

Any man with an ounce of style will comprehend the notion that a timepiece, worn well, represents far more than its sole purpose; to tell time. A watch, whether it be sports watches, antique wrist watches, or vintage pocket watches UK antiques dealers have to choose from, these movements highlight the wearer’s personality.

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Some of the highlights from Patek Philippe’s new grand exhibition not to be missed

The newPatek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition, which we wrote about here, has a host of regal “salons” that Patek Philippe have taken the time to have installed within theSaatchi Galleryearlier this week. So what’s been the standout areas for many watch lovers who have had the good fortune to view this amazing exhibit for themselves?

A Patek Philippe logo. Makers of antique watches for sale like this in Pieces of Time, London.

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Patek Philippe museum set to loan out 100 watches to exclusive Grand Exhibition

Patek Philippe has granted an extensive collection of exclusive timepieces to travel to London from its Geneva museum for the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition, taking place later this month.

A Patek Philippe logo. Makers of antique watches for sale like this in Pieces of Time, London.

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John Mayer’s watch collection worth tens of millions

Many celebrities, along with other personalities with substantial amounts of money at their disposal, collect things. They collect belongings like cars, houses, and other such collectibles. But not John Mayer. His passion lies in something far smaller, far more intricate, but the value of his collection is likely to trump what you’ll find in any garage of those car collectors.

John Mayer at the Mile High Music Festival accompanied by his antique wrist watches Pieces of Time.

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