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Antique pocket watches available from Pieces of Time

Benefits of purchasing from an antiques dealer

Investing in a timepiece is not a decision to be taken lightly, and knowing where to purchase from is a vital element to making the correct decision. Purchasing directly from an antique timepiece dealer is certainly the best way to go about adding a new treasure to your collection and here is why:

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Warren G. Harding | Vintage Masonic Pocket Watch | Pieces of Time

5 American presidents and their watches

Presidents in America were no different to the rest of us when it came to owning a fine timepiece, they all wanted one, just like you and I today. Whether it was what we would now consider antique wrist watches or antique pocket watches, they ensured they were at the top of their watch game!

Take a look at the pick of the watches we have chosen from our five ex-American presidents from the past.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

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