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A fine example of an antique pocket watch

The Importance of Fob Watches in Nursing

Nurses all over the world rely on the convenience and usability of the traditional fob watch. While technologies have advanced tenfold, our knowledge of medicine is of a level thought unfathomable just decades ago, the fob watch has withstood the test of time. As they are arguably one of the most essential instruments of the modern nurses uniform, we decided to look further at the fob watch and the important role they have played for nurses both today and the generations before us.

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Ever wondered what that little pocket in your jeans is really for?

Whether you are more of a tailored trouser wearer, or you prefer a chino, there’s no getting away from the popularity, and in many cases, comfort, of the denim jeans. It seems that there is an abundance of ‘fake’ pockets to trousers, coats, and shirts these, days.

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How to clean vintage pocket watch in 3 simple steps

Antique pocket watchesare widely collected around the world. But, as with anything, these movements can become tarnished or build up certain elements that can dull the appearance of the timepieces.

This is where cleaning comes into play. While we advise people to visit a professional antique watch dealer to carry out these processes to ensure that you don’t damage the items you have, we understand that it may not always be possible to do this. However, we have a handy guide for you so that you can clean a vintage pocket watch and have it back to its original state before you know it.

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Revisiting Longines and their 10 exclusive commemorative pocket watches

It’s true that when we are looking for antique watches, whether they be antique half hunter watches, or vintage wrist watches, that the year of production is an important factor. Well one certain timepiece has been deemed worthy of a one-off production once again for the first time in 87 years.

The limited edition Longines vintage pocket watch created in order to commemorate the Chinese year of the horse.

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