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Men's dress shirt and jacket with antique pocket watch

Style Guide: How to Wear a Men’s Pocket Watch Correctly

To provide others with the assertion that you have an air of class and distinction, then knowing what men’s jewellery to wear as an integral part of anensemble is the key to success. If a man wears too much, he isrunning the risk of looking pretentious, artificial and over the top. However, should he wear it correctly, the variety of accessories available can significantly escalate the quality of one’slook.


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Your guide: a beginner’s look into pocket watch styles

So most people are aware that pocket watches generally have a chain attached to them in order to allow them to be secured an item of clothing, for example a waistcoat, lapel, or belt loop, as well as to prevent them from being dropped on the floor. The watch chains holding the watch are what is known as an Albert style chain and which has a hallmark stamped on every link.

A collection of watches, similar to the pocket watches for sale at Pieces of Time

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Three types of watch every stylish gent should have in their collection

Any man with an ounce of style will comprehend the notion that a timepiece, worn well, represents far more than its sole purpose; to tell time. A watch, whether it be sports watches, antique wrist watches, or vintage pocket watches UK antiques dealers have to choose from, these movements highlight the wearer’s personality.

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Is there still a hunger for the status watch today?

There’s always been something about the way it feels when other men, successful men, men who clearly have style, notice and admire your fine timepiece. It’s as if for men who have a passion for movements have a sort of secret handshake that only those in the know would ever understand.

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Pocket Watches | Men' s Fashion & Style | Vintage Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are the piece de resistance in style say fashion analysts

You can brush aside the arrival of Apple’s iWatch, the real fashion lies in the resurgence of the classic and seemingly everlasting pocket watch. Dig out your grandfather’s antique pocket watches because the new trend is not with the forthcoming technology, instead people are looking to the past to add the element of style.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

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