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Your guide: a beginner’s look into pocket watch styles

So most people are aware that pocket watches generally have a chain attached to them in order to allow them to be secured an item of clothing, for example a waistcoat, lapel, or belt loop, as well as to prevent them from being dropped on the floor. The watch chains holding the watch are what is known as an Albert style chain and which has a hallmark stamped on every link.

A collection of watches, similar to the pocket watches for sale at Pieces of Time

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4 things to consider when choosing a single pocket watch

Half hunter watches, full hunter watches, marine watches, fob watches, it matters not which you prefer, but if you are in the market for a single watch or you’re a first time buyer, you should take some time to consider a few things.

It all comes down to preference and with preference comes options, so take your time and allow yourself to ponder these 4 things before you make your latest purchase.

pieces of time antique pocket watches
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Vintage pocket watch with ties to the Titanic valued by Jonty Hearnden at local event

A family heirloom that once belonged to a welder who was part of the crew employed to construct the infamous Titanic has recently been presented to antiques expert Jonty Hearnden at an appraisal event.

The Titanic

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What is the connection between Levi Strauss and pocket watches?

Most, if not all of us, have seen those stereotypical films of American kids in the 1950s wearing the blue jeans and white T-shirt combo that was the fashion at the time. When matches with a pair of high-top tennis shoes it was virtually an unofficial uniform. But when we indulged in the films which starred these American ‘cool cats’ did we ever pay much mind to the details of those must-have trousers?

Levii Jeans | With An Antique Pocket Watch |In The Watch Pocket

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Champion boxer relieved to be reunited with prized timepiece

We all know the feeling of frustration when something important to you is mislaid. Half hunter watches and antique wrist watches are just two of the examples of precious timepieces that will have gone missing from someone’s possession and are of great value. But just how many people would expect to relocate their prized movements like the famous boxing champion Manny Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao | Wearing The Rolex Prior To Losing It

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