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Nicholas Parsons to present show about the most precious watch in the world

Nicholas Parsons, CBE is an English television and radio presenter and actor, renowned for his long career in the television, radio and theatre industries. He is best known for hosting comedy radio game show ‘Just a Minute’ and ‘Sale of the Century’, a TV game show that received 21 million viewers.

Nicholas Parsons to present show about one of the most famous antique watches in the world.

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How does KISS drummer keep his beat?

What makes Eric Singer, drummer for the quirky and world renowned band KISS, good at what he does? Measuring beats. In order for a song to be spectacular it is essential to have a drummer who has mastered this technique. For Eric Singer, he sees an elemental bond between his passion and watches. That is why he loves to collect wrist watches – from antique wrist watches to high tech – as he travels the world. He loves the idea of having time easily accessible to him as he drums, saying: “What I do for a living is I keep time playing music, and a watch keeps time on my wrist.”

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