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A beginner’s guide on setting up and reading your barometer

We’re often asked by our customers how to set up a new barometer so that they can create their own weather forecasts, so we thought that we would help everyone out with a guide on all the necessary information, from what they are used for to adjusting for various altitudes.

If you’re new to the barometer world and need a little help then follow our guide and you’ll be on the right path before you know it.

An antique barometer and compass travelling set in a green velvet box from Antique-watch.com

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The History of the Barometer

A barometer is predominantly an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. There are two main, or common, types of ‘standard’ barometer; the aneroid, and the mercurial, which was invented first. There are of course our fine antique pocket barometers on offer too! It was a man by the name of Evangelista Torricelli who invented the first barometer, affectionately known as the “Torricelli’s tube”.

An antique pocket barometer available from Pieces of Time, London Antique Watch Dealers.

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Louvre museum reopens 18th Century art deco galleries with help from antique watch manufacturer

Acting like the wonderful barometers of old to show the warm commitment to promoting European culture and history- it’s the famous Swiss watch manufactureBreguet. The good people at Breguethas made it possible for the most recent display of 18th-century French decorative arts in theLouvre Museum, Paris to see the light of day, with the reopening 33 dedicated galleries, previously closed for nearly a decade.

Breguet No. 2585 half-quarter repeating watch sold in 1811 to Prince Camille Borghèse- Antique Pocket Watch

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Time to celebrate Harrison’s sea clocks at Maritime museum

Marine watches maybe you thing or perhaps its barometers, but John Harrison’s perfectly accurate clocks, which turn out to be the standard issue marine chronometer, are a sight to behold. Fortunately there’s still time to celebrate the great man’s work as none of it has become ancienthistory through the introduction of modern technology, thankfully.

JohnHarrsison's Marine Watch- Antique Watches

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