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Feature: Why is it that we collect things?

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here, we are going to discuss a question that many people who do collect things, and those who don’t, often wonder; why is it that we collect things?

A Collection of Patek Philippe antique pocket watches owned by Tiffany & Co.

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BHI Summer Show comes to Upton Hall this month

The British Horological Institute has organised a Summer Show which will open its doors to the public next weekend with a host activities for lover of UK antique pocket watches and the rest of the family too.

Upton Hall. The British Horological Institute, in the centre of Upton village.

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Cherish an Antique Day: three marine watches we love

Did you know the 9th April (today) is the day marked out for all antique enthusiasts as Cherish an Antique Day? This day is relatively self-explanatory, but just to clarify, it’s dedicated to appreciating objects of a unique nature, which were created at a time when craftsmanship and quality were the order of business…..

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Top tips for cleaning your antique clock

Dirt and dust can often clog the movable, sliding parts and affect the features of any delicate mechanism, therefore keeping your antique clock clean is an essential part of owning such a unique and wonderful item.Below we have collated five top tips which you can carry out at home, for keeping your clock clean and ensuring your antique looks and functions in the very best way.

Antique Clock available at Pieces of Time

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Beautiful intricacy on display with rare gold and enamel ring watch

Here at Pieces of Time we have a wonderful range of antique watcheswhich we are always keen to build upon. and this is why we are excited to be able to offer this new item to one lucky potential buyer. Not only is this piece very unusual, it is also a rare antique to come by too- something that adds to its already heightened appeal among collectors.

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