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5 Ways to Spot a Fake Antique Watch

Have you ever been left red-faced after purchasing a watch that you thought was genuine that in fact turned out to be a fake? How do you spot a fake? Well, we have a few pointers for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves quite the aficionado but still has a keen interest in antique pocket watches for sale, and other vintage timepieces. The last thing you want is to make a purchase on a collection of half hunter watches,only to find you’ve been ‘had’. Decorative Gold Full Hunter Antique Pocket Watch Continue reading

Antique wrist watches and other antiques used to make robot creations

Many peoples’ admiration of antiques, and antique wrist watches, stop at collecting, but not for Todd Sloane. Sloane is fascinated by the mechanics of a wide range of antique products and this fascination has turned into the subject of his art.

Artist makes little robot creations out of antique wrist watches


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How to clean vintage pocket watch in 3 simple steps

Antique pocket watchesare widely collected around the world. But, as with anything, these movements can become tarnished or build up certain elements that can dull the appearance of the timepieces.

This is where cleaning comes into play. While we advise people to visit a professional antique watch dealer to carry out these processes to ensure that you don’t damage the items you have, we understand that it may not always be possible to do this. However, we have a handy guide for you so that you can clean a vintage pocket watch and have it back to its original state before you know it.

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Luxury watches galore at the second annual Watch & Jewellery Week

Watch lovers will come together this week as the industry’s finest watches are set at centre stage at the exquisite luxury shopping destination The Royal Exchange for the second annual Watch & Jewellery Week.

An image of the front of The Royal Exchange in London near Pieces of Time antique pocket watch sellers. Continue reading

BADA appoint new Chief Executive Officer Role

The British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) has recently revealed that they have created a new position in the organisation, in the form of Chief Executive Officer, as part of their efforts to raise and improve their profile in the UK, and overseas, respectively.

The BADA logo in all its glory, an organisation Pieces of Time are proud to be associated with. Continue reading