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A Cartier Vintage Wrist Watch Similar to the antique wrist watches you can buy from Pieces of Time

The Golden Rules for Buying and Collecting Antique Watches

When starting an antique collection, it can be easy to get carried away, buying the first item that you see. But if you do not choose your antiques carefully, you could end up with a collection which has gained little value over the years, and also one where the pieces have little cohesion together as a complete collection. We’ve written a list of golden rules of antique collecting to help get you started and on track with your new collection:

Here at Pieces of Time, we’ve put together a list of golden rules to bear in mind when it comes to antique collecting to help get you started and on track with your new collection:

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Antique pocket watch that survived an atomic bomb

The Pocket Watch That Survived a Nuclear Bomb

Antique pocket watches can be found in a variety of conditions. Some need a full restoration and others can be found as immaculate gems that collectors and dealers dream of owning. But the story of Shinji Mikamo, who lost everything when the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, in 1945, except for his father’s pocket watch, is a truly remarkable one.

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Men's dress shirt and jacket with antique pocket watch

Style Guide: How to Wear a Men’s Pocket Watch Correctly

To provide others with the assertion that you have an air of class and distinction, then knowing what men’s jewellery to wear as an integral part of anensemble is the key to success. If a man wears too much, he isrunning the risk of looking pretentious, artificial and over the top. However, should he wear it correctly, the variety of accessories available can significantly escalate the quality of one’slook.


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A fine example of an antique pocket watch

The Importance of Fob Watches in Nursing

Nurses all over the world rely on the convenience and usability of the traditional fob watch. While technologies have advanced tenfold, our knowledge of medicine is of a level thought unfathomable just decades ago, the fob watch has withstood the test of time. As they are arguably one of the most essential instruments of the modern nurses uniform, we decided to look further at the fob watch and the important role they have played for nurses both today and the generations before us.

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Things you should know about pocket watch dials

When you look at antique pocket watches, or any watch for that matter, the first thing your eye is instantly drawn to is the dial, or ‘face’ of the watch. The condition can leave a lasting impression, and can make a vital difference in the aesthetic appeal and value that pocket watch holds.

Things you should know about the dials of antique pocket watches

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Collecting antique pocket watches: a question of preference and style

Withantique pocket watches or clocks, they are part style and part mechanics. When it boils down to it, people will, 99 per cent of the time, gravitate toward the watches that they find the most attractive. Of course good quality comes into the equation but in the end recognising the fact that the buyer is going to be looking at that clock on the mantel or the watch from their pocket many times a day is essential. If it isn’t attractive, it matters not how mechanically refined the piece is, it really is not going to be satisfying.

Swiss Antique Pocket Watch- Collectable Antique Watch- Pieces Of Time

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Pocket watches are pinnacle of fashion say style analysts

Forget Apple’s iWatch, the real fashion lies in the resurgence of the classic and everlasting pocket watch. Dig out your grandfather’spre owned watchesbecause the new trend is not with the technology, it’s looking to the past to add the element of style instead.

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Olympics Omega Watches Antique Pocket Watches Precision Timing History

Pocket watches were used for timing in Olympic history

Omega Watches are the Official Timekeepers of the 2016 Olympics, which are underway in Rio this year. They released a new line of watches honouring the prestigious Olympic Games. This is the 28th time that Omega has been appointed the vital and prestigious role. Omega are using new state-of-the-art timing technology developed for exact timing and photography systems that capture winners with complete precision.

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Three Patek Philippe watches with higher price tags than a Ferrari

As pocket watch and other antique movement dealers, we know that these pieces are precious and valuable. We deal in these timepieces on a daily basis, but there are plenty of people who cannot comprehend who or why antique watches can demand the price tags that come with them.

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