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Antique pocket watch returned to National Trust place after more than a century

A pocket watch, made by Robert Milne of Manchester, was awarded to mill worker John Burgess, more than a century ago, on his retirement. The pocket watch was given to him for his dedicated service to the mill.

Quarry Bank Mill. National Trust. Antique pocket watch. Historic Display

Image credit: Aero Pixels, Flickr. Available under Creative Commons.

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Rare watch belonging to Gandhi has been on display in India

A pocket watch that belonged to Mahatma Ghandi has been the centre of attention at the Kamal Watch Company. In an exhibition for the public in the city of Hyderabad in India, the watch is among several priceless objects that are highly valuable and sought after by many historians.

antique pocket watch belonging to Mahatma Gandhi

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Is there still a hunger for the status watch today?

There’s always been something about the way it feels when other men, successful men, men who clearly have style, notice and admire your fine timepiece. It’s as if for men who have a passion for movements have a sort of secret handshake that only those in the know would ever understand.

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Gen. George S. Patton’s pocket watch set for auction this month

Another Patek Philippe classic creation is up for auction. This time it’s the 1909 pocket watch given to General George S. Patton by his parents upon his graduation from West Point Academy.

A black and white image of Gen. George S. Patton wearing an antique pocket watch for sale

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Vintage gold pocket watch given to Leicester City’s longest-serving secretary set to go under the hammer

Pocket watches are often given as a gift to mark a special occasion and a gold pocket watch belonging to Leicester City FC’s longest-serving club secretary is one which stands out for many, but now it is going to be available for one lucky bidder as it goes up for auction.

pieces of time antique pocket watches


Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.

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