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Cherish an Antique Day: three marine watches we love

Did you know the 9th April (today) is the day marked out for all antique enthusiasts as Cherish an Antique Day? This day is relatively self-explanatory, but just to clarify, it’s dedicated to appreciating objects of a unique nature, which were created at a time when craftsmanship and quality were the order of business…..

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Watch writer asks “are Rolex resting on their laurels?”

For those of us who work in the world of antique marine watches, pocket watches and antique wrist watches, the new releases of updated watch fashion is not of the utmost importance, although we like to keep an eye on things. This brings us to an interesting article from an esteemed source emerged recently. Luke Rottman, Founder and Executive Editor of the Daily Wristwatch Publication,The Watch Adviserinterestingly questioned whether Rolex, were satisfied with their achievements in the world of fine timepieces. And should Rolex be seen to be making a visible effort to produce anything different from their standard movements?

A Rolex sign outside a shop that sells these vintage watches like the antique wrist watches at Pieces of Time.

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Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude Exhibition at National Maritime Museum

If you enjoy all things maritime and you have a penchant for antique marine watches amongst other classic marine objects then this is the event for you. To mark the 300th anniversary of the passing of the Longitude Act in July 1714, this landmark exhibition tells the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude (east-west position) at sea, helping to solve the problem of navigation and saving seafarers from terrible fates including shipwreck and starvation.

Ship, Clocks & Stars Exhibition | Antique Marine Watches

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Antique clocks sell for make headlines following auction

If you were at an auction house for the sole purpose of acquiring a new watch to add to your collection of antique marine watches would you be persuaded to bid for something different and make headlines while doing so? That’s exactly what two 18th-century timepieces did when they hit the headlines recently after they were both put up for auction at the same time.


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