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A fine example of an antique pocket watch

The Importance of Fob Watches in Nursing

Nurses all over the world rely on the convenience and usability of the traditional fob watch. While technologies have advanced tenfold, our knowledge of medicine is of a level thought unfathomable just decades ago, the fob watch has withstood the test of time. As they are arguably one of the most essential instruments of the modern nurses uniform, we decided to look further at the fob watch and the important role they have played for nurses both today and the generations before us.

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It’s full steam ahead for the autumn Steam Gala upon its return to the Locomotion Railway Museum in Shildon

If there’s one thing that goes with pocket watches and particularly antique fob watches, it’s trains. So if you’re keen to show off your best timepieces then look no further than Locomotion in County Durham.

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Before there were dive watches: what divers used

It was thelaunch of Blancpain and Rolex’s respective first edition wristwatches designed for divers to use in the early 1950s that created the archetype of the modern dive watch. This is greatly thanks to the development of the quintessential rotating bezel. However they these manufacturers did not invent the first watch to be used by divers.

Hard_Hat_Pocket_Watch_Case | Vintage Pocket Watches

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