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A Cartier Vintage Wrist Watch Similar to the antique wrist watches you can buy from Pieces of Time

The Golden Rules for Buying and Collecting Antique Watches

When starting an antique collection, it can be easy to get carried away, buying the first item that you see. But if you do not choose your antiques carefully, you could end up with a collection which has gained little value over the years, and also one where the pieces have little cohesion together as a complete collection. We’ve written a list of golden rules of antique collecting to help get you started and on track with your new collection:

Here at Pieces of Time, we’ve put together a list of golden rules to bear in mind when it comes to antique collecting to help get you started and on track with your new collection:

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5 Ways to Spot a Fake Antique Watch

Have you ever been left red-faced after purchasing a watch that you thought was genuine that in fact turned out to be a fake? How do you spot a fake? Well, we have a few pointers for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves quite the aficionado but still has a keen interest in antique pocket watches for sale, and other vintage timepieces. The last thing you want is to make a purchase on a collection of half hunter watches,only to find you’ve been ‘had’. Decorative Gold Full Hunter Antique Pocket Watch Continue reading

Feature: Why is it that we collect things?

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here, we are going to discuss a question that many people who do collect things, and those who don’t, often wonder; why is it that we collect things?

A Collection of Patek Philippe antique pocket watches owned by Tiffany & Co.

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Revisiting Longines and their 10 exclusive commemorative pocket watches

It’s true that when we are looking for antique watches, whether they be antique half hunter watches, or vintage wrist watches, that the year of production is an important factor. Well one certain timepiece has been deemed worthy of a one-off production once again for the first time in 87 years.

The limited edition Longines vintage pocket watch created in order to commemorate the Chinese year of the horse.

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Insurance: how to protect your valuable watches

Making sure your valuables are insured is essential to any watch lover, from those who enjoy a classic wrist watch to half hunter watches too. Your everyday items, such as lesser valuable watches will probably be covered by standard homeowner’s insurance, assuming you carry such insurance. However, if you have valuable or very sentimental pieces, the coverage may be lacking.

So how can you tell whether your coverage is adequate? Take a look at the following steps which can help you reach the soundest decision.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.

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Top 5 most significant pocket watches of all time

Throughout many decades watch aficionadoshave been fascinated by the wonder of the mechanical watch- the movement that’s kept the trains running on time and helped the life—saving nurse keep time during her ward shift. Although not as frequently seen as these days as in the past, the pocket watch is making a resurgence so we thought it would be interesting to take a look into some of the most remarkable pocket watches from this century and beyond— including one of the most complex mechanical devices that have ever been made.

pieces of time antique pocket watches
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Breguet watches worn by famous people from history set for exhibition

The history of the watchmaker’s art is always a very exciting area. Admirers and buyers of antique pocket watches for sale will know this more than anyone else. And in order to help showcase this skill and talent for the much loved world of vintage timepieces there needs to be exhibitions like the one set to take place in Moscow this year.

Breguet Antique Pocket Watch | Vintage Pocket Watches for Sale | Pieces of Time

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VIDEO: watch the intricacy of a pocket watch in action

Most people who are keen collectors in the world of antique pocket watches will have an idea of the phenomenal intricacy that is involved in the working of splendid time pieces.

However, for some people who may just be starting out and are interested and intrigued as to how such wonderful classics in the world of watches operate we thought we would provide you with the opportunity to watch a video that showcases just how magnificent the fine workings and inner complexities of a pocket watch are.

Watch the video here:

How a Pocket Watch Works from Tony Lee on Vimeo.