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A Cartier Vintage Wrist Watch Similar to the antique wrist watches you can buy from Pieces of Time

The Golden Rules for Buying and Collecting Antique Watches

When starting an antique collection, it can be easy to get carried away, buying the first item that you see. But if you do not choose your antiques carefully, you could end up with a collection which has gained little value over the years, and also one where the pieces have little cohesion together as a complete collection. We’ve written a list of golden rules of antique collecting to help get you started and on track with your new collection:

Here at Pieces of Time, we’ve put together a list of golden rules to bear in mind when it comes to antique collecting to help get you started and on track with your new collection:

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Feature: Why is it that we collect things?

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here, we are going to discuss a question that many people who do collect things, and those who don’t, often wonder; why is it that we collect things?

A Collection of Patek Philippe antique pocket watches owned by Tiffany & Co.

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John Mayer’s watch collection worth tens of millions

Many celebrities, along with other personalities with substantial amounts of money at their disposal, collect things. They collect belongings like cars, houses, and other such collectibles. But not John Mayer. His passion lies in something far smaller, far more intricate, but the value of his collection is likely to trump what you’ll find in any garage of those car collectors.

John Mayer at the Mile High Music Festival accompanied by his antique wrist watches Pieces of Time.

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del boy rodney only fools and horses antique pocket watch watches pieces of time

Only Fools and Horses ‘antique’ watch stolen

One of the most famous antique pocket watches in Britain is the one which made Del Boy and Rodney rich in Only Fools and Horses – but it isn’t actually a genuine piece.

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Breguet watches worn by famous people from history set for exhibition

The history of the watchmaker’s art is always a very exciting area. Admirers and buyers of antique pocket watches for sale will know this more than anyone else. And in order to help showcase this skill and talent for the much loved world of vintage timepieces there needs to be exhibitions like the one set to take place in Moscow this year.

Breguet Antique Pocket Watch | Vintage Pocket Watches for Sale | Pieces of Time

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Pieces of Time is celebrating the world of fine movements with an amazing offer on its watches!

Those of you who are currently interested in buying watches and time-pieces will be delighted to know that records have been breaking all week long during the watch sales in Geneva. Both Christie’s and Sotheby’s sales exceeded all expectations. The climax last night of a world record price for any vintage time piece.The Graves watch which sold for in excess of 20m SF + Commission. The last time this watch was sold at auction was…

Decorative Gold Full Hunter Pocket Watch - Antique Pocket Watches For Sale- Classic Watch

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Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter declares love of antique watches

The granddaughter of the one and only Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin has appeared in films of her own. Films such as Wim Wenders’ Until the End of the World, Sidney Pollack’sSabrinaandThe Serpent’s Kiss, alongside Ewan McGregor to name a few.

Charlie Chaplin's Granddaughter | Carmen Chaplin | Loves Antique Watches

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