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Are Apple watches eating the watch market up, or could they be the start of something beautiful?

September 2014, and the Apple chief designer Jony Ivemade some clear and incisive remarks about his company’s debut wearable device (The Apple Watch) to declare that the Swiss watch industry was ‘in trouble’. He’s not the first to make these kinds of remarks, or statements of intent. Swiss horologists have remained defiant in previous situations of extinction, and it can be done again.

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Feature: Why is it that we collect things?

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here, we are going to discuss a question that many people who do collect things, and those who don’t, often wonder; why is it that we collect things?

A Collection of Patek Philippe antique pocket watches owned by Tiffany & Co.

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One of Earth’s finest ever watchmakers proclaims the Apple watch is ‘bland’

The new watch from Apple may well be a smartwatch in essence but they don’t want you to think it’s one. Since the Apple Watch was unveiled in September last year, the company has been saying that its primary purpose is to tell the time, and not, like previous smartwatches to hit the market, cram a host of features from your smartphone into a smaller device worn on ones wrist.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.

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Why antique watches will always trump the Apple Watch

The Apple watch was unveiled to great fanfare this week, but there are plenty of reasons why it will never be as good as an antique watch.

There are plenty of obvious reasons to invest in antique watches for sale over an Apple watch.

An antique watch is a timeless statement of cool and sophistication, which isn’t going to become obsolete or outdated in the next few years – antique watches aren’t a fad.

pieces of time antique pocket watches
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Certain Apple watches will be kept in safes in shops

The luxury version of the new Apple Watch which is made from 18-carat yellow or rose gold, is set to be stored in safes within the stores stocking them, sources are leading people to believe.

the combination on a safe ideal for storing valuable antique pocket watches

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