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5 Ways to Spot a Fake Antique Watch

Have you ever been left red-faced after purchasing a watch that you thought was genuine that in fact turned out to be a fake? How do you spot a fake? Well, we have a few pointers for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves quite the aficionado but still has a keen interest in antique pocket watches for sale, and other vintage timepieces. The last thing you want is to make a purchase on a collection of half hunter watches,only to find you’ve been ‘had’. Decorative Gold Full Hunter Antique Pocket Watch Continue reading

Feature: Why is it that we collect things?

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here, we are going to discuss a question that many people who do collect things, and those who don’t, often wonder; why is it that we collect things?

A Collection of Patek Philippe antique pocket watches owned by Tiffany & Co.

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Made In Chelsea star Mark-Francis Vandelli reveals his designer watch collection valued in excess of £50,000

For those who are unaware who Mark-Francis Vandelli is, he is a cast member or ‘character’ on the largely popular TV show, Made In Chelsea. He’s a well-to-do, privatelyeducated son of a multimillionaire industrialist and model.

Mark-Francis Vandelli at an evening event near Pieces of Time, London antique watch dealers.

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Part 5: For the love of Patek: A series dedicated to why we love Patek Philippe watches

It’s finally arrived, the final instalment of a series we have well and truly loved covering, and precisely why we love Patek Philippe watches. We do hope you’ve enjoyed reading the previous episodes, and without further ado we give you our last word on the matter, enjoy!

Tiffany’s Patek Philippe Antique Watch Collection Vintage Pocket Watches Pieces of Time

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Cherish an Antique Day: three marine watches we love

Did you know the 9th April (today) is the day marked out for all antique enthusiasts as Cherish an Antique Day? This day is relatively self-explanatory, but just to clarify, it’s dedicated to appreciating objects of a unique nature, which were created at a time when craftsmanship and quality were the order of business…..

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