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What it was like in Britain in the era of our timepieces

We have many antique clocks and antique watchesin our portfolio, ranging from the 17th century up to the 20th century. These timepieces are loved by their owners for many reasons, including their links to the past; that’s why we have decided to take a look at the fascinating eras that some of our antiques are from.

17th century antique watches available at Pieces of Time.

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How to make the most of your time

Time is an important factor in everyone’s life. Wearing an antique watch can make you aware of the passing time every day and how each moment counts. With only 24 hours in the day it can often be difficult to tackle everything on your to-do list and find that perfect work-life balance – and this is particularly true for people with their own businesses.

Desk planner on office desk allows for time to be planned.

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Restoring antique watches

Regardless of whether you collect old cars or antique watches, everything will eventually need a little TLC to restore the item to its best quality. With vintage watches, there is a right and wrong way to restore them. The wrong process can drastically decrease the value of your watch, so it pays to understand and know the correct processes that go into restoring these timepieces.

This guide looks at the spec regarding vintage watch restoration, whilst preserving the historical integrity and value of the piece.

movements inside antique watches.

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Why you should invest in antique watches over smartwatches

Smartwatches seem to be the latest craze in the watch world, but like any new technology, they will become outdated when the next model is released. Instead it is wiser to invest your money in antique watches, that keep and increase their value over time if they are maintained well.

antique watch on man’s wrist.

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Things you should know about pocket watch dials

When you look at antique pocket watches, or any watch for that matter, the first thing your eye is instantly drawn to is the dial, or ‘face’ of the watch. The condition can leave a lasting impression, and can make a vital difference in the aesthetic appeal and value that pocket watch holds.

Things you should know about the dials of antique pocket watches

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Guide to storing and maintaining your antique watches

Regardless of whether your watch is antique or not, storing and maintaining your timepieces is essential to protect the longevity of the piece. In this feature we will be providing you with handy tips for storing and maintaining your watch so you can admire your piece for years to come.

antique watches need proper dry, dark and safe storage.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Clocks in The World

From antique watches to magnificent clock towers, the beauty of clocks and their workings have fascinated people all over the world. Not only used for their time keeping functions, clock towers have been made to act as a memorial of events or showcase clockmaker talents. Here’s a list of the most beautiful clock towers you can visit on your travels.

Philadelphia City Hall one of the most beautiful clocks in the world.

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