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Antique wrist watches and other antiques used to make robot creations

Many peoples’ admiration of antiques, and antique wrist watches, stop at collecting, but not for Todd Sloane. Sloane is fascinated by the mechanics of a wide range of antique products and this fascination has turned into the subject of his art.

Artist makes little robot creations out of antique wrist watches


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Titanic timepiece up for auction

The key that a steward on the Titanic would have used to retrieve lifejackets has re-surfaced after 104 years. The key was found, along with an antique pocket watch, on Sidney Sedunary who unfortunately passed away during the tragedy at aged 25.

timepieces, key fob and antique pocket watch, found on Titanic steward

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Museum showcases antique pocket watch repaired by blind man

If you are a lover of watches and haven’t visited the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society museum in Broad Street, in Spalding, we highly recommend you take a trip to go. The museum had an open day on Sunday 9th October with a guided tour, showcasing a wide range of antique pocket watches and clocks, as well as the interesting history and stories behind the craftsmen and repairmen.

Museum showcase displays of antique pocket watches

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Nicholas Parsons to present show about the most precious watch in the world

Nicholas Parsons, CBE is an English television and radio presenter and actor, renowned for his long career in the television, radio and theatre industries. He is best known for hosting comedy radio game show ‘Just a Minute’ and ‘Sale of the Century’, a TV game show that received 21 million viewers.

Nicholas Parsons to present show about one of the most famous antique watches in the world.

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