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Why you should use an antique dealer when buying antiques

From auctions to fairs and markets, and even online, antique lovers of today are flooded with possibilities of where to make their next purchase of their antique watches. Whether you’re an antique veteran or a beginner buyer, there is always something thrilling about finding that perfect hidden gem.

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Collecting antique pocket watches: a question of preference and style

Withantique pocket watches or clocks, they are part style and part mechanics. When it boils down to it, people will, 99 per cent of the time, gravitate toward the watches that they find the most attractive. Of course good quality comes into the equation but in the end recognising the fact that the buyer is going to be looking at that clock on the mantel or the watch from their pocket many times a day is essential. If it isn’t attractive, it matters not how mechanically refined the piece is, it really is not going to be satisfying.

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How does KISS drummer keep his beat?

What makes Eric Singer, drummer for the quirky and world renowned band KISS, good at what he does? Measuring beats. In order for a song to be spectacular it is essential to have a drummer who has mastered this technique. For Eric Singer, he sees an elemental bond between his passion and watches. That is why he loves to collect wrist watches – from antique wrist watches to high tech – as he travels the world. He loves the idea of having time easily accessible to him as he drums, saying: “What I do for a living is I keep time playing music, and a watch keeps time on my wrist.”

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Discover the hidden message in President Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch he never knew existed

During the 1850s Abraham Lincoln, who at this time, a successful lawyer, purchased a fine pocket watch from a gentleman named George Chatterton, a jeweller in Springfield, Illinois.This particular movement itself was made in Liverpool, with the 18-carat case manufactured in America.

An iconic black and white photograph of a bearded Abraham Lincoln showing his head and shoulders.

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Pocket watches are pinnacle of fashion say style analysts

Forget Apple’s iWatch, the real fashion lies in the resurgence of the classic and everlasting pocket watch. Dig out your grandfather’spre owned watchesbecause the new trend is not with the technology, it’s looking to the past to add the element of style instead.

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